An ocean of opportunities...

The life at Lindesnes Havhotell can be enjoyed in both summer and winter. While taking a leisurely walk, you will find Kråkevika; a white sand beach with finely grained sand and smooth cliffs. Bring a picnic basket filled with the joys of the sea and something good to drink. The trip to the lighthouse at Lindesnes is a must. We are also located in the center of some of the region’s best destinations for kids. The zoo and amusement park Dyreparken, the water park Sørlandsbadet, and the small, cozy zoo Barnas Dyrepark, just to mention a few.

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"Barnas Dyrepark" - a zoo for the kids

- A dear neighbor who offers a pleasant meeting between kids and animals.

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The lighthouse Lindesnes Fyr

A museum, a tourist destination, an attraction and an experience in itself, both in rough and sunny weather.

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Lindesnes Havhotell is a perfect starting point for a kayak trip.
On calm days you can paddle out towards the outermost tip of Norway, and enjoy amazing surroundings. If the sea is more rough we recommend to paddle through the scenic Spangereid-canal, and further in through the fjord.

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Sørlandsbadet waterpark

The water park Sørlandsbadet offers fun activities for the whole family, both indoors and outdoors. Sørlandsbadet has many attractions to offer, from the most action filled to the calmer activities where you can enjoy life at a slow pace. The park is located in Lyngdal, a 20 minutes’ drive away from the hotel.

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Play golf at Norway`s southernmost golf course.

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Borrow a bicycle and go on you own journey of discovery.

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Sea rafting

Experience Lindesnes at full speed with the refreshing sea spray in your face. This is an exciting outdoor experience with action filled driving in a rib-boat, seasoned with guiding and coastal culture. The trips can be customized to fit everyone, and starts on the dock right outside the hotel.

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Hiking trips

The area around the hotel is perfect for hiking or running. We have made a map with the routes we recommend in the area. Just ask for it in the reception. If you would like to bring something to eat we would be happy to make you something – or you can find delicious, local foods at the deli “Jentan på Båly”, right by the hotel.

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Wellness and workout

All of our guests have free access to our wellness area and gym. Here you find a well-equipped gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and a relaxing lounge area.

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Try your fishing luck - we have fishing rods!

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Team activities

We offer many exiting activities that both challenges you and strengthens your feeling of being part of a group. Some activities are physical – and can be adapted to fit both couch potatoes and athletes – others challenges your head and intellect.