Safety instruction for valid insurance for passengers

A trip with a RIB boat can never be totally free of risk, as it includes driving in high speed and jumping on waves. Read this carefully before you sign.

This trip will only run in waters where the insurance is valid. The boat and passengers are insured up to 30 millions per total injury. Things brought along on the trip are under no circumstances covered by the insurance.

A safety briefing with questions from the participants before each trip is obligatory. You yourself can actively contribute to reducing the risk of anything happening, by the way you act onboard during the trip.

Lindesnes Havhotell attaches great importance to the safety of passengers on the trips. To make this happen, there are some points that need to be reviewed.

  1. Clothing

Some clothing you can borrow from us, like the survival suit, life vest and goggles. What is used depends on the weather on the day of the trip. It is important that you bring some clothes, depending on the season. You always need steady and good footwear, and to dress properly for the season and the weather.

  1. Behavior in the boat

All passengers will have their own seat during the trip, and it is important to pay attention to what is said about this before the trip starts. As long as the boat is moving in a higher pace than 5 knots, everyone should be sitting in their own seats. At rough sea it can be necessary to stand up above the seat to help mitigate the landings with your legs. Always listen to what the driver of the boat says, as this is important for your safety.

  1. Smoking and fire hazards

In our boats run by petrol engines there is a considerable amount of petrol onboard. This is not dangerous as long as our rules when it comes to smoking are followed. It is totally forbidden to smoke both on the dock and onboard the boat, both for the passengers and the crew.

  1. Health and sea rafting

Sea rafting can be physically demanding, which makes it necessary to be careful if you have health conditions like:

  • Pregnancy
  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Low general condition

If you still wish to join the trip, we can adapt the trip to your needs. Just let the boat driver know if you have conditions we need to take in consideration.

  1. Alcohol and sea rafting

We have a low tolerance for drinking onboard, and everyone whom the driver of the boat considers to be too drunk will be left behind. On trips where food is a part of the trip a normal consumption of alcohol is allowed accompanied by the food, just remember you are going on a boat trip on your way back too.