TREFF - activities and experiences

TREFF - Activities and experiences offers food, parties, conferences, events, teambuilding activities, entertainment, motivational speaches and physical activities in many shapes and sizes, for big or small groups.

Contact: Tomas Jaabæk Friberg 
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28.10.2017 14:12

Team Challenge

28.10.2017 14:12


28.10.2017 14:11

Lindesnes Fyr

28.10.2017 14:12

Kokkekurs som teambuilding

30.10.2017 11:27

Lindesnes Brygghus

15.01.2018 14:32

Havfiske eller skjærgårdssightseeing med Rubb

14.02.2018 14:20

After Action

15.01.2018 14:20

Jordbær, champagne, SPA og velvære

14.02.2018 13:56

Jentetur på SPA

04.01.2018 12:18


28.10.2017 14:41


28.10.2017 14:42

Musikk & Underholdning

The activities are often conducted at the lighthouse, Lindesnes Fyr, or close by our facility in Spangereid (Lindesnes Havhotell) or Lyngdal (Rosfjord Strandhotell). We work closely with our head chefs to customize the food and menu to fit your group and activity perfectly.

It's important to us to provide activities of high quality, and tailored to your needs. Your job is just to have a good time and enjoy the activity, without having to think of the details. We are not only the organizer, but also the hosts of your event.

Our local knowledge, infrastructure and professional expertise makes it possible to arrange any activities fit for your needs, time frame, and budget.