Welcome to Båly 22-24.juli 2018

We are looking forward to repeat the success

During the Tall Ships Races voyage from Esbjerg to Stavanger there will be several opportunities for tall ships to take part in cruise-in-company events hosted by smaller harbours.

These events bring The Tall Ships Races to a wider region and offer participating ships revenue from hospitality events and regional trainees. There will be no harbour fees, and participating ports offer a range of activities for visiting crew.

Båly harbour in the southern municipality of Lindesnes hosted a successful cruise-in-company event in 2015. Lindesnes point with its characteristic lighthouse is Norway’s southernmost mainland point. The area is known for its outdoor life and boating activities, offering a range of different activities for locals and crew alike. Tall ships facilities include showers, spa and toilets at Lindesnes havhotell.

QUAY CAPACITY: Båly harbour, ve nautical miles northeast of Lindesnes lighthouse, at the mouth of the Spangereid channel: Length 100m, depth 4-9m.

CONTACT: Mayor Janne Fardal Kristoffersen

Position of the harbour 

N 58.02.39 E 007.09.17

Quay capacity

Length: 100m
Water on harbour: 6,5 - 8,0m

Port fasilities

Shower, sauna and Jacuzzi
Shore power up 400v 
Waste management
Port tugs, boatmen on demand in advance


Local market/fair 

Short description
of harbour entry
and launch  

Båly harbour is located inside a breakwater inside of the sea.. The harbour is therefore not exposed to wind. The port area has good depth conditions and manure area inside the harbour. 
(See also specification about Båly harbour from the Norwegian Coastal Administration.)

Depths (harbour
entrance and harbour) 

Depth 4-9m

Tidal differences

Small tidal differences in Båly. +/- 10cm

Distance from Esbjerg 

ca 170nm

Distance to Stavanger

ca 105nm


Mandal Havn KF, PFSO: Petter Faye Thilesen
Tlf: 4000 5152 / 9824 7261

Other details

Please note that a special programme of arrangements will be produced for the Tall Ship Race event for visiting crews and the local community. 

Click here for a Video from Tall Ships Races Festival in Båly harbour 2015

Activities and excursions especially designed for crewmembers 
Experience the tip of Norway from ashore. 

Lindesnes Lighthouse
Lindesnes Lighthouse is Norway’s southernmost point. Spend a few hours or stay several days. The weather, water and nature are all breathtaking. As a crew member your visit here, and guided tour with the lighthouse keeper, are for free. 

Spangereid – the Viking town
Spangereid in Lindesnes was home to a number of Viking chieftains. Archaeological finds and excavations have revealed that in the Viking era, Spangereid was an important  center. Join us for a guided tour to explore how the Vikings lived. 

Sea Kajaking
Experience a part of Lindesnes not accessible with sailboats. Our guided sea kayaking tour takes you through the Spangereid canal, a replica of the one the Vikings build to avoid having to round the rough seas off Lindesnes. The canal was “reopened”, making it possible once more to take a boat from east to west without having to round the south tip of Norway.

Join us for an experience that will really get your adrenalin racing! We take you out in the waves outside the tip of Norway in a RIB and shake you up on breakers and the crests of big waves! Our extremely experienced guides ensure a high speed experience focusing on both safety and having a good adventure. 

Deep sea fishing with local fishermen
Come along with one of our local shippers in their fishingboats. They have extensive experience as fishermen, and know where the fish are. 

Fantastic area for both hiking and bicycling

Deck rental 
If you choose to visit the port of Lindesnes – it will not only be a great experience for you and your crew members – but also possibilities to profit from your visit through Deck rental. We have customers looking for deck parties/ receptions during the festival. We will try to sell this in both advance and on festivaldays. Here we can supply catering, staff, equipment, license etc  if wanted. A set up for your ships passenger while deck parties are ongoing is available.

Use this opportunity for income while visiting the south tip of Norway.

post@havhotellet.no/38600800 for booking and questions